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Adressing the Bright Bike Rebel in you, publicly

Dear reader,


Today is the first day that I decided to address you publicly. This is a major quantum leap for me, since I have been doing this privately until now. It also makes me realise that it is asking from me, another form of consciousness. One that will allow a blog reader like you, to actually benefit from reading this.

Therefore, this is the first time that it is not about me anymore. It is about you, the reader of this blog.

So what can I do for you dear Bright Bike Rebel (and yes that is you to a certain extend, since you have read untill this far, which means that you too have a piece of Bright Bike Rebel you)?

Let me first start with explaining the history and the idea about becoming and being a Bright Bike Rebel myself.

It was June 2016 and I, as I now see it, had been living with a post traumatic stress disorder, since I left Eastern Congo after working there for 3 years first for Virunga National Park and after that as a starting entrepreneur in Beni, North Kivu, DRC.

I had been back in the Netherlands since February and had been very lucky to have a good friend that lead back then and now still is leading a nano tech start up company and was willing to employ me, after I had pitched a no-risk contract from both sides (I was desperately in need of work and money, but I felt terribly stressed and anxious about virtually every aspect of my life and therefore I proposed this low risk deal). Needless to say, after the 3 months test period, it was very clear that making the switch from the jungle to implementing accounting software was not the thing to do for me at that time.

So what was I going to do then?

Since I had been back in the Netherlands and learned that the majority of my friends moved to settle somewhere outside of Amsterdam, to keep busy and to stop my monkey-mind from idle and downward spiralling thoughts, I had been biking to a friend on the other side of the city and I noticed that biking through Amsterdam was a huge stress relief for me.

What I also noticed was a new phenomenon that I did not see before I went to the DRC in 2013 and that was delivery drivers on road bikes that are being directed via their smart phones: Deliveroo drivers, Foodora drivers, UberEats drivers and Thuisbezorgd drivers (in order of entering the dutch-amsterdam-market).

Given that back then, the only thing I thought I could do with success, was getting a GPS location on my phone, going there and perform a very low cognitive task, I decided to enter this experiment and I applied for the position of "Delivery Driver" at Deliveroo.

Although the fact that for me, in the beginning, even finding an address in the city center was sometimes mind bogglingly hard and I had lots of contact with the friendly and helpful support team of Deliveroo, bit by bit, I got it together and soon I was biking through Amsterdam from 10:00 to 22:45 when I was lucky to be scheduled in.

In the beginning, I was concentrating on some exercises that I learned from a Belgian stress relief platform called "mijn kwartier" (in english "15minutes4me"). One particular exercise was about seeing something and then appreciating it or accepting it. So there I went, through Amsterdam, on my bike with a Poké Bowl on my back to deliver to a soon to be happy customer:

"I see this traffic sign and I accept it"

"I see this tree and I appreciate it"

"I feel the rain and I accept it"

"I see this bird and I appreciate it"

"I see this red traffic light and I ignore it" (oops)

...and so on and so on. Day in day out. Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Dinner and desert time.

Then, as I started to feel better and better, I felt that it was time to move up and ahead. After three months of "appreciating this" and "accepting that" and after some research and long lingering recommendations from friends, I decided to take a Neuro Linguistic Programming course and chose NTI NLP which was an excellent choice.

The NTI NLP program was scheduled in 4 times 4 days in a row spread out from September to December 2016 and after the first session of 4 days, I felt so good that I no longer needed to "appreciate this" or "accept that". I felt a hunger of knowledge growing in me for books.

Since reading and riding a bike are not naturally things one can do at the same time while hustling and bustling through the city center of Amsterdam and since I knew from my grandmother about audiobooks, I started to "read" books by listening to them while delivering food on my bike, in the beautiful city center of Amsterdam.

Since I felt that I was a bit isolated since my 3 year adventure in the DRC, I started listening to Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and later, because I had all the time of the world, the beautifull story of Leo Tolstoy called "War and Peace".

This was such a game-changer for me! I was adding value to the busy people in Amsterdam by delivering super delicious food to their doors, while exercising my body, sharpening my brain and all this while making money!

After the NLP course was over, I recognised that it was time for me to add another income stream into my life and started researching ways to work from my computer from anywhere and so I started the process that led to the creation of Bright Bike Rebel and the creation of the first physical product: the Bright Bike Rebel - Red Tail Light Comfort Saddle.

A lot of books and deliveries later. I am still biking as we speak in the fall of 2018, on my bike seat while having lots of fun, an open mind and a health body. I wish you, as a bright bike rebel (yes you are if you've read untill here) the same joy, happiness and fitness in your life.

Enjoy your ride!


Bright Bike Rebel

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