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4 Tips for Cycling at Night

By Ryan Wood

Cycling at night, if done carefully, could have you looking a bit goofy. And that's OK.

Your bike will be lit up with two or three lights and a half-dozen reflectors. Your helmet could have a light on it. You could be wearing reflective and lit-up clothing. The possibilities are endless.

It's all designed to make you as visible as possible to vehicles, and the abundance of affordable products on the market today can make sure you're easy to see for pretty cheap.

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"The more lights the better," said John Duggan, a Seattle-based attorney who often represents injured cyclists. "I have 75 to 80 cases going right now. Almost every one of those, the car drivers never see the bike. They don't see us because they're not looking for us.

"At night it's a little different. There are all these flashing lights and bright lights and reflecting lights and reflecting vests. You could argue that you're more visible at night if you're lit up."

And that's a good thing. Bike commuters around the country will see their after-work ride home turn dark in the fall and wintertime. Shortened daylight can often mean being forced to train in darkness, either before the sun rises or after the sun sets.

Make sure you're as prepared as possible for night cycling. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

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